3 Ways to Bring your Sales Game to the Next Level

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A good salesperson doesn't settle on satisfactory, they're always on the lookout for new challenges and insights. To better understand how a salesperson can expand their playing field to the next level we met again with TTEC's chief revenue office Judi Hand to explore 3 strategies your team can apply now.

Act on urgency

Buyers act on urgent, they don’t act on important. A successful salesperson already understands the buyer persona and the solution they are selling, going to the next level means acting on critical and timely services when needed.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a defining example of this strategy. In the length of one year, salespeople had to take a step back to better understand what needs are urgent to their clients and prospects.

Success rides on being nimble and adaptive enough to adjust solutions and pitches to address timely needs that moments ago weren’t on the radar.

Know the ins and outs

A deep understanding of the business you serve and how it can grow alongside modern-day challenges is instrumental. The best sales is a student of their customer’s business so staying on top of industry trends allows you to hop on key issues right when they arrive on their doorstep.

The ability to break through and expand within any given industry can help solve the urgent needs discussed in the first strategy. Focus on the challenges that are relevant to your client, the product you sell will then fall in naturally.

Succeed, and fail, as a team

The salesperson role is often seen as an individual contributor, the lone wolf. While this is in part due to the day-to-day accountability of themselves, in the end team wins the sale and vise-versa the team loses the sale.

The best salespeople understand that collaboration between the various teams: pricing, solutions, delivery, launch and more, all come together to tell a product and brand story. Leaders need to give clear and concise directions on the objectives and information needed for everyone to succeed. Winnings or failures, discuss the learnings and discover how the team can succeed next time.

Achieve the next level, together

The ability to up your sales game relies not only on the individual, but the team’s ability to recognize and act on change together. At TTEC we recognize that sales are now a team sport, there are unique skills needed for each part of the sales process. That’s why outsourcing is growing as an effective way to work smarter, not harder. Explore our white paper Sales Outsourcing White Paper 11 Ways to Transform Your Business with Inside Sales Outsourcing to learn more today.

This concludes the first season of The Ultimate Sales Conversion, we hope you’ve learned a lot from our incredible guests and enjoyed the ride!