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Breaking the Vicious Cycle - Part 1

This is the first blog in a three-part series. Poor customer experiences cost companies both customers and revenue. Here are three steps to help companies change course and create a virtuous cycle...

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Three Deadly Social Engagement Traits to Break

Similar to a conversation between two guests at a party discussing the state of politics or critiquing a movie, a social engagement strategy entails more than just speaking and listening; it...

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Four Fundamentals for Service Simplification

The fundamentals of good customer service haven’t changed, but rising volumes, multiple product offerings, and the proliferation of customer channels and devices have created the business...

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The Four Building Blocks of a Multichannel Customer Strategy

It is clear that the old ways of doing business are obsolete. Higher out-of-pocket costs have motivated consumers to familiarize themselves with products and services online before making buying...

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