TTEC | Glossary | Messaging

What is Messaging?

Messaging is a text-based, one-to-one conversation that usually occurs on a mobile device or platform like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS text messaging, or within an app. Unlike web-based chat that occurs in a pop-up screen where both parties must be logged in, messaging is asynchronous, meaning you don’t need to stay in a session to send or receive messages. Messaging takes the idea of web chat and moves it to where consumers already spend their time – on SMS, in apps, or on third-party communications platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, or Apple Business Chat. Messaging is convenient, provides context, and allows conversations to be more personal with emojis, gifs, and links to information.

Unlike more rigid chat sessions, messaging works best when it’s quick, authentic, and personal. Consumers respond well when they know there’s another person on the other end of the message to quickly answer their question or provide information through links, videos, or images. This means that in addition to reliable technology, customer-facing associates hold the key to a successful messaging program. They must have brand knowledge and soft skills to successfully operate in this channel.

TTEC’s unique position in the market humanizes digital and digitally enables humans by striking the right balance of people and technology. From recruitment and associate training to technology implementations and customer management, our end-to-end CX as a Service helps some of the world’s top brands bring humanity to business through messaging and other emerging channels.