Customer Lifecycle Management

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What is Customer Lifecycle Management?

Customer Lifecycle Management, or CLM, evaluates several customer-related metrics over time to measure the performance of an organization. The intent of CLM is to source all the static and dynamic data, marketing processes, and value-added services under several departments. This creates a joined decision supporting platform through repeated phases of customer acquisition, retention, cross and upselling, and lapsed customer win-back.

If done right, Customer Lifecycle Management helps ensure that customers and clients receive high-quality, personalized service at all times.

At TTEC, we manage customer lifecycle stages through the identification of key events that drive customer success. We deliver targeted communications when a new contact enters your marketing database, whether through online or offline sales conversion.

We also collaborate with clients to design the optimal engagement strategy with the right campaigns and advanced analytics to measure and drive targeted prospects, build trusted relationships, and ultimately, achieve sales goals.

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