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CX Consulting and Strategy

Our CX consulting teams will help you design
and roadmap your optimal customer experiences.


Customer experience consulting to achieve CX optimization

With increased competition, it is critical for your company to provide superior customer experience (CX) to stand out from the crowd. Imagine if you could get a clear view of your current customer experiences across all touchpoints and determine the interactions, tools, and technology needed to accelerate your future-state CX. Our data driven digital experience and customer experience (CX) consulting team will help you create a prioritized roadmap for optimization. Our approach combines a focus on customer experience as well as employee experiences to ensure you optimize a wide range of operational processes. We look across your entire ecosystem to design holistic CX and digital strategies that eliminate pain points, reduce churn, and accelerate growth.


The building blocks of CX Optimized

TTEC's 40 years of outsourced customer experience expertise
provide a solid foundation of efficiency and growth for brands.


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Optimize with
Nearshore / Offshore

Optimize your outsourcing strategy
by exploring alternatives to in-house
and onshore delivery

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Optimize with
Digital Channels

Decrease handle time, reduce cost to
serve and improve CX by leveraging
non-voice channels

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Optimize with
Automation & AI

Do more with less by empowering
customer self-service and
augmenting the agent experience

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Optimize with

Improve inefficient processes with
managed services for WFM, WFO,
QA/QM, Knowledge Management


CX and digital transformation
begins with strategy and design

As one of the leading customer experience consulting companies, we help brands delight customers, enable contact center employees, and continuously optimize business outcomes. Our CX consultants help clients accelerate digital and cx transformation and deploy best-in-class technology and people to exceed their CX goals.


CX Journey Mapping

Customer journey maps and customer feedback are critical to executing successful customer experience strategy and design. They drive deep understanding of your customers by deconstructing their unique journey into discreet steps that illustrate key moments of truth, delight, and pain with your brand. Our CX Journey Mapping solution provides the canvas for orchestrating the specific capabilities needed to realize the future-state CX vision across people, channels, process, and technology.

CX Maturity Assessment

Switching brands has never been easier and your customer base knows it. It is critical to provide great customer experiences to maintain a competitive advantage. Our CX Maturity Assessment & Audit is a deep-dive into the holistic experience being offered to your existing customers today – and a measure of how effective each component is. Through analysis of customer data and customer journey friction points, we'll help you determine strengths and weaknesses of your current CX, and ways to improve upon it.

Digital Strategy and Enablement

As the world becomes more digital, customer and employee experiences need to be more seamless than ever. Having a strong digital customer experience strategy and technology platforms in place play a critical role in your business success by providing real time customer support across multiple channels. Our Digital Strategy and Enablement solution provides an in-depth assessment of your current-state digital capabilities, your business challenges, and a prioritized digital roadmap for customer engagement enhancements in the short and long term.

Experience Design

The first step to achieving optimal CX to improve customer loyalty is to document your aspirations and customer experience vision. Our CX consulting services help you storyboard the end-to-end ideal customer experience. Our CX strategy experts will also help you conceptualize and implement a human centered customer experience management approach that ensures you provide extraordinary customer service and customer support across all channels.

Target Operating Model

Enabling the CX transformation impacts numerous operational processes making the optimization of those processes a key driver of success. Our Target Operating Model solution validates and calibrates the end-to-end services in both the front and back office necessary to enable and sustain the new customer experience design at scale.

Value Mapping and ROI

To gain buy-in, maintain momentum, and drive adoption, you need quantifiable proof points of value that your CX and digital transformation will create. Our Value Mapping & ROI solution builds a business case that uses Lean principles to identify and ‘size’ critical drivers of value within the CX transformation. Our CX consultants will then help you define and implement the business strategy that will best impact effectiveness and engagement, while also helping reduce costs.

CX Transformation Roadmap

With future-state experience and value creation defined, the customer experience transformation effort is set to begin – but the typical question is, "Where do we start?" As a leading CX consulting company, our CX Transformation Roadmap solution provides a unique CX strategy and vision for the brand with a prioritized path forward, aligned to the agreed-upon timeline and implementation methodology.


Three ways CX consulting firms can help accelerate your CX digital transformation

Our customer experience consulting experts will help you design and roadmap your customer experience to eliminate pain points, reduce churn, and accelerate growth.


Optimize channels and maximize intelligent automation

Customers want to find the answers and information they’re looking for – on their own terms, in their own time, and via their preferred channel.

Utilize intelligent routing and channel orchestration to ensure customer interactions are seamless, and implement intelligent automation to give self-service a more human feel. With the right AI-powered tools and strategies behind it, self-service can deliver the type of highly personalized experiences customers expect.


Embrace digital-first, or come in last

Companies that haven’t mastered digital will be left behind by the competition. Striking the right balance of automation and people to deliver high quality digital experiences is critical to brands’ success.

A customer experience consulting company can help you keep your customers at the forefront of all digital transformation efforts. The customer journey should inform your digital tools, and strategies should focus on eliminating pain points and elevating customer satisfaction.


Empower associates to deliver personalized experiences

When customers contact your brand, they want to feel that you know them: how long they’ve been customers, their purchase history, any past issues they’ve had, and how they prefer to interact with you.

Empower associates to deliver personalized experiences by ensuring they have quick, easy access to relevant customer data. This is beneficial because truly understanding your customers’ journeys and using them to proactively guide interactions gives your company a strong competitive advantage.

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