Healthcare Client Story

The Right Knowledge Leads to Better Member Experiences

An updated and relevant knowledgebase becomes a valuable tool for agents.

400% growth in

knowledgebase usage

7.2% drop in

average handle time

Increase of quality

attainment to 94%

The Challenge

A leading health insurance company maintained a knowledgebase for support agents to access to help handle member calls about claims, enrollment, and other issues. However, few agents actually consulted it because the content was outdated and couldn't be relied upon to provide the correct information.

The payer wanted to update the knowledgebase's content and improve its value by making it more easily accessible and relevant to the conversations agents had with members. The goal was for agents to feel confident and comfortable using the knowledgebase and for it to be considered a platform where both steady and seasonal agents could "hit the ground running" with information to improve member interactions.

Our Solution

We collected feedback from agents and analyzed the data to create a roll-out plan to optimize the knowledgebase. We communicated the changes with video training and announcements from team leaders. As changes went live, usage was monitored using data analysis and team leaders were delegated as points of contact to assist agents in utilizing and understanding the changes to the knowledgebase.

In the final phase we asked team leaders to complete surveys in order to collect further feedback so we could make further improvements to the new system.

Agents now use the new platform to quickly and efficiently locate information, bookmark content, organize personal files, and highlight scripts.

The Results

With the improved efficiencies, the knowledgebase acts as a single source of truth. As a result, both steady and seasonal agents now find it easier to process call handling, leading to higher member satisfaction and helping the client's business become more successful as more claims are processed.

The knowledgebase enhancements have positively contributed to enrollment, average handle times and quality, even taking account of seasonal fluctuations. Utilization of the knowledgebase has increased by over 400% and average call handling times decreased by 7.2%. Quality scores also improved to 94% even as its agent population is composed mostly of new hire agents. The transition of agents from training to production has also been easier because of the additional layer of support they can get through the knowledgebase.


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