Care Client Story

CX experts seamlessly maximize the customer experience for hypergrowth fitness brand

TTEC extended and enhanced a rapidly growing company’s overtaxed customer support with expertly trained associates, powerful customer insights, last mile support, and more.

Over 80% voice service level agreement

(SLA) consistently delivered

Over 85% quality assurance

(QA) consistently delivered

Quickly scaled white

glove customer support

The challenge

A rapidly growing home fitness equipment provider prided itself on providing excellent customer support. However, customer enquiries quickly outpaced the company’s internal care team’s ability to keep up. Wait times grew longer as more customers reached out with questions about delivery, equipment installations, and other issues. The company needed an experienced partner to help quickly and efficiently scale its customer support.

Our solution

The company enlisted TTEC’s help in creating a strategy and deploying a solution for improving its customer support. After observing the customer care team’s actions and pain points, our first step was to provide expertly trained associates to answer inbound calls and alleviate the pressure placed on the client’s internal employees.

We worked closely with the client on training and nesting a pilot program of 10 associates in the client’s company culture and values, ensuring a seamless extension of the brand. In just two months, we recruited, onboarded, trained, and deployed associates in the pilot program.

Pleased with the results, the client requested our assistance in expanding support even further, this time to 450 associates based in a contact center in Canada and one in the Philippines. Some of the associates focused on handling inbound calls and providing a white glove customer support experience, such as handling the “last mile” delivery logistics in coordination with the client’s delivery partner. We worked with the delivery partner to troubleshoot problems and ensure that a customer’s fitness equipment was delivered and installed without extra work for the customer.

As a true partner, we supported the client in many other ways including:

  • Performing back-end office tasks including various administrative and support activities that were essential to the function of the business.
  • Deploying Amazon Connect to connect the client’s corporate offices to its retail partners and other sectors in an omnichannel cloud contact center service for smoother communications and collaborations.
  • Installing a Power BI dashboard—a reporting tool that visualized key metrics such as the most common types of inbound calls, customer satisfaction ratings, average handle time, etc. Whereas the client previously relied on Excel spreadsheets, this made it easy to quickly spot patterns in customer and associate behavior and apply those insights to optimizing operations.
  • Introducing career pathing best practices that increased employee engagement and retention in the contact center.

The results

In partnering with TTEC, the client’s customer support capabilities rapidly evolved, creating a differentiated customer experience. Our associates exceeded the 80% service level agreement (SLA) target, consistently delivering over 80% SLAs for voice and over 85% quality assurance (QA).

Instead of delayed responses from an overtaxed customer support team, customers received prompt responses to their enquiries from expertly trained associates. And we did more than scale resources—we provided the client with the means to make data-driven decisions for continually improving and enhancing the customer experience as the company grows.

We continue to partner with the client and recently rolled out an inside sales pilot program in addition to expanding to additional channels beyond voice, such as email and chat.


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