Volume 6 | Issue 2 | 2014 Table of Contents

Technology Gets Personal

In this issue:


Enabling memorable experiences

My father-in-law Jack often helps his elderly neighbor Don with errands on the weekends. One day while they were out, Don mentioned he wanted to go to TD Bank, but... more »


Understanding the Intersection of Humanity and Technology

Whether at work or at play, our everyday lives have become deeply entwined with technology and digital channels. People spend hours each day using mobile devices, in... more »


Banking Channels: No “Alternatives” Anymore

Give something enough time, and what was once considered alternative will become mainstream. It happens in music, art, fashion, and now in retail banking. Traditional... more »

Technology’s Future: Simple + Personal

Innovations like the iPhone and Amazon.com started a revolution. They showed that it was possible to enable the types of experiences consumers want by using technology... more »

SMAC Dab in the Middle of Customers: A New CIO Agenda

Consumer expectations can propel innovation in nearly every industry. They enable the next generation of technological trends as they gravitate toward the latest tools... more »

Innovation Drives Customer Experiences

It’s next to impossible to imagine life without vehicles. Since the first horseless carriages in the late 19th century, the automotive industry has grown... more »

Case Studies

Cirque du Soleil Balances the Art and Science of Creativity

Balance. It’s a term that describes many of the amazing performances delivered by Cirque du Soleil. For 30 years, its troupes have traveled the world,... more »

C-Suite Strategies

Pardon the Disruption

The thirst for news and information has never been stronger, with many consumers always on and accessible via pervasive Internet access and smart devices. It’s... more »

The Evolution of E-Commerce

Nowhere is the intersection of humans and technology more visible than in e-commerce. Consumers are increasingly using their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile... more »

Industry Insight

Technology’s Transformational Impact on the Healthcare Experience

Healthcare, at its core, is a very intimate and personal industry. Individuals often develop long-term, trust-based relationships with their doctors, pharmacists, and... more »

Three Types of Advanced Analytics for Operators

Every day, telecom operators wield a double-edged sword. They are fortunate to be in a business that thrives on data—the industry collects more customer data on... more »

Proof Points

What “Technology Gets Personal” Means to Winners

In today’s highly competitive business environment, it’s important that businesses not only understand the need for continuous customer strategy... more »

Strategy Speaks

The Future of Work

There’s no arguing with the premise that, for businesses, the rise of technology has been an across-the-board boon. Productivity has never been higher, processes... more »

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