Volume 3 | Issue 3 | 2011

The Customer Intelligence Advantage

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In this issue:


Customers Speak Volumes. Are You Listening?

I often wonder if companies that ask for my opinion do anything with the information. Most businesses never say how or if they're going to use customer survey data... more »


Applying Customer Analytics for Business Success

Customers share a plethora of information about themselves with companies, both deliberately and unintentionally. This happens via support and point-of-sale... more »


How Smart Is Your Business?

There is a treasure chest sitting within most companies, waiting to be opened. And many don't even know it. If they do, they don't know how to get to the... more »

Customer Experience Management Strategy and Best Practices

Two forces are converging and fundamentally changing business: increasing data complexity and escalating customer expectations. Handling the former is a way to keep... more »

Empowering Customers to Become Evangelists

How engaged are your customers? Can you identify advocates among your customer base? These are important questions to today's senior executives. Organizations in... more »

The C-Level Executive’s Greatest Asset: Information

Equipped with the right information, business leaders become superior decision-makers. This is especially important for executives in the highest echelons of an... more »

Multichannel 101

Here is the challenge: an ever-increasing number of channels, myriad evolving customer segments, too many different products to count. We want to sell to and service... more »

Case Studies

The Best Customer “Data” Is Feedback

For years American General Life Companies primarily relied on its insurance associates to relay what customers were saying about the life insurance company's... more »

C-Suite Strategies

Creating a Data-Driven Loyalty Strategy

At the heart of any successful growth strategy is a transformational leader. John Moser is that person at Denihan Hospitality Group, a development company that manages... more »

Industry Insight

Get Better Insight Faster

It's no surprise that we live in a fast-paced world. There is tremendous focus on always-on mobile connectivity, and access to information when and where we want... more »

Rightsizing Bank Staff Leads to Customer-Centric Growth

Many banks, even those with highly advanced customer-centric strategies, are throwing money away and ruining their customer experiences by miscalculating a vital, yet... more »

Proof Points

A Segmentation Framework That Works

Customer-centric companies have long understood the need to manage their customer portfolio, rather than just their portfolio of products or services. These firms know... more »

Strategy Speaks

“Big Data” and Evidence-Based Management

It's a daunting task to keep up with technology. Consider, for instance, the tremendous increase in the sheer volume of information we are accumulating today that... more »

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