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The Challenge

A home improvement manufacturer recently sought help boosting its presence on Amazon. The company is an Amazon vendor, selling its inventory directly to Amazon, who then sells it to consumers. Amazon now rivals Google as a top search engine where people look for products. And just as marketers use search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to increase their online presence on Google, brands are increasingly applying similar approaches to Amazon. The home client faced steep competition from other suppliers that use these tactics and needed help improving its marketing strategy to increase orders.

The Solution

As its long-standing SEO and digital marketing agency, we were well-acquainted with the client’s industry and its products, which made us an ideal partner for this project. One of the challenges was that its product listings on Amazon were virtually identical, with products differing only by dimensions such as length or width. This made it difficult for consumers to discern the difference between the products and dispersed its total number of clicks and reviews among many different pages. This is detrimental because the more positive product reviews a listing has, the higher its ranking in Amazon’s search results.

A best practice of Amazon’s search engine is to identify one product as the main group with similar products listed as subgroups. We suggested reorganizing the client’s products into groups with related products listed as options based on a certain feature, like size dimensions. This approach made the products easier to search through and consolidated the customer reviews.

We also helped the client strengthen its content with descriptive product titles and more relevant keywords in its product descriptions, as well as adding engaging images and video. We also served as a liaison to Amazon to implement the enhanced features.

The Results

The changes we implemented delivered nearly instant results. Better search results led to more sales. The results include a 622% year-over-year increase in orders; a 505% increase in revenue, and an ROI of 404% as measured from March through December. The client was extremely pleased with the results and presented the project’s insights to the rest of the organization, including senior executives.


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