Worried about losing employees? Agencies should embrace a home-based approach

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There’s no question: the public sector, like many in the private sector, is facing unprecedented labor challenges. Agencies face the headwinds of a changing labor market, in which employees increasingly want remote-work options.

Research from Prudential, Envoy and Jabra show:

  • 1 in 3 workers don’t want to work for an employer that requires them to be 100% in-office
  • 66% of workers are worried about returning to the office
  • 77% of workers want more flexibility in how and where they work

But agencies must still carry out their missions, even in these challenging times. The public sector is vital to so many aspects of citizens’ daily lives. Citizens expect and need to have their questions answered and problems resolved quickly. The crucial work of agencies can’t be delayed merely because of staffing shortages.

So, how can agencies continue to achieve their missions and deliver great citizen experience?

Look at-home for the long term

If the pandemic has taught anything, it’s that employees want flexible and supportive work environments. By and large, the telework remote model is here to stay, and agencies need to embrace it to thrive in the new normal.

There’s no need for agencies to lose the expertise of long-standing employees, or the seamless citizen experiences they deliver, just because those workers don’t want return to in-person work. A remote work option is an effective solution that is quickly moving from a nice-to-have to a must-have for agencies. Those that don’t embrace work-from-home could lose talent to employers that do.

That’s where TTEC’s Retain 2.0 solution can help. This highly secure, compliant, and scalable solution lets agencies transition previously in-person employees to TTEC’s proven @Home model.

This means agencies can retain top talent that may otherwise leave simply by migrating them to TTEC @Home. Even better, citizen experience and employee experience will both improve along the way: citizens continue to get the great experiences they expect, from knowledgeable employees who have experience serving them; and employees get the flexible work environment they crave.

The right CX partner is essential

For many agencies, the move to work-from-home marks a big operational shift. That’s why partnering with experts is key. TTEC has the knowledge and people to make the transition seamless for employees and citizens alike.

With Retain 2.0, TTEC works with agencies every step of the way through – and beyond – the employee transition process.

One of the biggest benefits of Retain 2.0 is that is works quickly. Employees are efficiently transitioned in less than 12 weeks to TTEC @Home and set up for success starting on Day 1. Onboarding ambassadors ensure workers are fully supported and have everything they need to jump directly into the work they do so well – delivering seamless citizen experiences.

It’s always crucial that agencies be able to scale quickly when volume surges hit. TTEC can help there, too. We are an industry leader in surge capacity, with associates ready to help agencies during volume spikes. With thousands of work-from-home employees of our own, TTEC has the expertise and experience to make remote-work successful for agencies.

TTEC has 40 years of contact center experience, including FedRAMP and IL4 authorized contact centers for federal, state, and local governments. We help agencies serve 300 million citizens every year. With Retain 2.0, agencies can keep their trained and valuable employees delivering the quality experiences citizens expect.

TTEC @Home combines the quality management and security of our brick-and-mortar operations with the flexibility and cost structure of a variable tool. Our partners benefit from the experience and best practices of an industry leader, while cutting costs and improving citizen experience.

For more on how Retain 2.0 can benefit your agency, check out our latest strategy guide, Keep top talent focused on their mission to serve.