Seen and Heard: Humanizing Digital Through Analytics

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Executives and experts came together to discuss the importance of using data analytics to enhance customer experiences at the recent TTEC event, "Humanizing Digital Through Analytics." Below are some key highlights of the day.

Most common CX data sources, according to Forrester, are demographic (70%), customer behavior (63%), campaign response (56%), and digital data (44%). Only 23% use unstructured voice-of-the-customer data, which is a huge opportunity for companies who can harness and harvest the insights provides by customers in this way.

"Customers have been leaving us lots of breadcrumbs." -- Brandon Purcell

Attendees included executives from Google, Godiva, Charter Communications, and New York Life. They discussed GDPR's impact on analytics tools, and why next-best-action should really be considered next-best-experience to encompass more than one task as a holistic approach.

Key Takeaways

"Data is the fuel of AI." -- Brandon Purcell

"It's hard to find good resources who can take data and turn it into business outcomes." -- Dave Anderson

"Any actions you take based on customer insight should be proactive and very personal to an individual record level." -- Brandon Purcell

"Get insights about levels of friction in your customer journeys and start there." -- Norm Trujillo

"Using analytics is about impacting the entire customer lifecycle." -- Brandon Purcell