How to level-up your B2B sales with the right tools in 2023

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The B2B sales landscape is changing quickly, and your team needs to hit the ground running this year if you’re going to stand out from the competition.

Your sales organization has so many valuable tools at its disposal, but are you making the most of them? Investing in messaging, sales engagement tools, and other digital strategies and technologies can drive huge ROI, but only if you know how to maximize their impact.

If you’re like many sales leaders, you’re probably tapping into just a fraction of your sales’ tools capabilities, which means you’re leaving money on the table. Make 2023 the year you realize their full potential.

Make messaging a key part of the process
Messaging delivers speed, efficiency and results other channels just can’t match when it comes to driving sales. When done well, messaging offers many insights, including what content resonates best with customers and drives conversions.

But your team needs to know how to use it, and you can’t assume a seller who’s great at in-person or phone sales will excel at messaging. Hiring and training processes should be different for sellers who’ll specialize in this channel.

As you dive into messaging, it’s important to know when it will work best and to appreciate the difference between messaging and chatbots. Chatbots can be very useful when it comes to simple, transactional interactions, but an AI-powered messaging solution that can hand off to a salesperson when needed is better at delivering the type of high-quality, personalized experiences your customers want.

Get the most out of sales engagement tools
Most sales teams aren’t using sales engagement tools to their fullest extent. To help ensure yours does, find the right tools for your unique needs. Then make sure to designate a person or team that is responsible for reviewing the results the tools generate, implementing changes when needed, and sharing best practices.

Always seek out tools that have flexibility built into them, as they’ll let you stay agile enough to adapt whenever needed. Also, make sure to choose tools that have robust tracking, reporting, and analytics capabilities, since the greatest benefit of sales engagement tools is the wealth of insights they can produce.

These are just a couple of the sales trends we’re predicting for this year. Find more of our predictions, along with the insights behind them, in our strategy guide, “B2B sales trends for 2023: 4 ways to jump-start growth and revenue.”