Going green’s not just for Earth Day; it’s a year-round pledge at TTEC

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At TTEC, we’ve long been committed to making a positive impact and protecting our environment. We only get one planet, so we continually strive to combat climate change through sustainable growth and embrace environmentally practices throughout our business.

We recently took stock of our achievements in this area and are proud to share them in our inaugural Environmental, Social, and Governance Report. The report details not only our corporate environmental initiatives – things like installing smart bathrooms that use less energy and water, making other energy efficiency upgrades, and recycling at all our U.S. facilities – but also the work our employees do to help our environment.

Our Environmental Focus Committee, formed in 2021, keeps tabs on our ongoing efforts as well as best practices. In 2021, TTEC employees participated in 125 small-scale environmental projects worldwide, including:

  • Planting more than 1,200 trees that were shipped to employees to plant and maintain
  • Participating in adopt-a-highway and litter cleanup programs
  • Participating in community cleanups in their neighborhoods
  • Composting
  • Using recyclable paper products in break rooms
  • Setting all monitors to a “sleep mode” setting so they power off when not in use
  • Hosting recycling contests and learning more about recycling

We’ve taken this momentum into 2022 and our TTEC family remains passionate about protecting our environment – but there’s always more to be done. This year, in addition to other projects, we’re working with a partner to collect data that will help us assess and report our carbon emissions. With that data in hand, we’ll be setting a carbon emissions reduction target.

On both a broader corporate level and a more personal employee one, we keep striving to learn more, know more, and do more to increase our sustainability efforts.

Learn more about what we’re doing in our ESG report.