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A Tale of Two MVNOs

Young consumers react to Red Bull mobile 

Energy drink Red Bull moved into mobile to stay connected to its core customers—young consumers interested in sports. Red Bull Mobile launched operations in five countries: Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Poland, and South Africa. It provides mobile services, plus a wide range of digital and non-digital content produced by its Red Bull Media House and partner developers, bands, and producers. Users get access to extreme sports and music videos, exclusive games, and other tailored content. It also offers tickets to special events such as Red Bull parties and concerts or extreme sports events, in addition to many other perks such as free drinks, free external batteries at parties, etc.

By taking a significant part in its target group’s lives with both telecom services and other benefits, Red Bull reminds young consumers that it’s always there at the most fun moments, offering the best solutions to their needs.

BIMcell expands customer relationships beyond retail

Retailer BIM markets operate as discount stores in Turkey, with nearly 4,000 locations. BIM launched its BIMcell service as a complement to its business model—a very cheap, no-frills service in which customers pay for seconds ($0.03 per second). Target customer segments loved the idea—BIMcell reached 1 million active customers in its second year in a market dominated by traditional mobile operators.