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Ready to Wow

Plan for the Moments That Matter to Consumers

With so many options at their disposal, consumers are more likely to choose to work with companies that anticipate and respond to their needs during pivotal points in the customer experience journey. Successful companies not only know which moments matter to customers, but also strike the right balance of being present without being invasive. As 2020 planning kicks into gear, here are some insights into what customers really want from the brands they do business with, and how to capitalize on moments that matter to deliver enhanced business value.

Moments to prioritize
Brands must know not only when meaningful moments are coming, but how customers want to hear from them during those times. It can be a fine line: A company that doesn’t have enough touchpoints can seem disinterested, while those that are too persistent run the risk of being overbearing.

Memorable moments
We asked some of TTEC’s own contact center employees to share what moments help enable a great customer experience. (Responses were edited for length and clarity.)