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Turning the Abstract Into Clarity

Beyond Big Data: Analytics in Unexpected Places

Though we typically focus on how Big Data impacts retailers, financial institutions, and various other service providers, there are analytics best practices being created by movie studios, sports teams, and music executives, as well.

Predicting the next big Hollywood blockbuster
Known as Script Doctors, writing consultants use data collected from both blockbusters and flops to analyze how incoming scripts measure up to lessen investment risks, according to a recent New York Times article.

Playing ball and measuring success
The Wall Street Journal recently reported that in the U.K., several soccer (football) teams employ sensors embedded in players' clothing to report field positions and heart rate. And basketball and baseball players use video data and analytics to examine their precise movements.

Picking the new number one song 
Digital Trends reports that music executives monitor social buzz to see which independent bands and musicians have cultivated an online following that warrant talent managers and a record deal.