Remote CX + Messaging = A Perfect Pair
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Unleash the power of messaging

Improve utilization and optimize interactions by rapidly deploying AI-enabled conversational messaging channels. Deliver hyperpersonalized communications with built-in scalability, allowing customer service associates to quadruple the number of interactions they can handle concurrently.

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Embrace messaging to ensure increases in CSAT

A whopping 58% of customers text businesses that aren't even set up to respond.*

Is your brand truly ready to meet customers anywhere, and at any time? Gain a competitive edge with TTEC’s Humanify® messaging platform, strategic program designs, seasoned conversational designers, and universal associates.

Embrace messaging to ensure increases in CSAT.

*SOURCE: Martech Today


Strong messaging channel implementation can improve associate productivity, attrition rates, CSAT, and sales

Customer Enablement

2x more efficient


Reduction in associate
attrition rates


20% boost


4x increase in
sales conversions


98% open rates,
greater than email


Be seen and heard where your customers are

  • Apple Business Chat
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • SMS

Increase market share with Apple Business Chat

1.4 Billion iOS devices

Make it easy for customers to talk to you via Apple Business Chat. The platform's rich messaging capabilities, enable your brand to showcase products, process transactions, schedule appointments, and more, all through a secure encrypted channel — directly in Apple’s Messages app.


Grow your brand with Facebook Messenger

1.3 Billion Messenger Users

Facebook Messenger for business enables you to capitalize on your social presence and engage right when your brand is top of mind, enabling you to have meaningful interactions with your customers. With Facebook Messenger, you can be available to be part of the conversation rather than pushing them to an 800 number on your website. ​


Boost sales and customer loyalty with WhatsApp

1.5 Billion Users

Command consumer attention and conversation on one of the most dominant communication platforms in the world. Send quick value-add notifications, prompt viral social media campaigns, and provide full-fledged customer service and support to 1.5 billion people across 180+ countries.


Enhance the customer journey with SMS

15.2 Million Texts Sent Every Minute

Text messages are opened on average 98% of the time and over half of customers preferred text over any other means of communicating with customer service. TTEC can help you leverage the power of asynchronous messaging, offer your customers the convenience of texting with your brand, and boost CX.


Capitalize on this massive opportunity

Is your brand ready to meet customers where they already are?

Messages sent on WhatsApp,
Facebook Messenger, and
Instagram every day
15M +
Texts sent every
minute and
Estimated new
users between
now and 2021
Message and chat associates at whatever scale you need

TTEC’s associates enable conversations anytime, anywhere, and on any device. We can provide message and chat specialists, 24/7, so you can send and receive messages to your customers on their schedule. Increase customer loyalty, NPS, and share of wallet utilizing our universal super associates and chat features to engage with your customers through messaging channels. We offer global scalability with nearshore, offshore, and on shore talent solutions, while ensuring speed to implementation.

Omnichannel engagement across all touchpoints

TTEC is messaging experienced, and we can provide a seamless and consistent single point of communication. Our universal super associates have mastered every omnichannel interaction, are equipped to handle all levels of complexity, and can seamlessly pick up and route conversations across channels.


Improve business outcomes by deploying messaging

Messaging is one of the only CX technologies that simultaneously lowers cost, increases employee productivity, and improves customer satisfaction. Request a demo to learn next steps on how to add and optimize it in your company's contact centers.

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