Revolutionizing Telesales

Exceed growth expectations and reduce costs to make the 2023 Open Enrollment your best one yet.


Revolutionizing Telesales

Exceed growth expectations and reduce costs to make the 2023 Open Enrollment your best one yet


Grow your member base quickly while lowering cost per enrollment

The old ways of keeping costs down don’t work anymore. It’s time to reimagine the processes and technologies needed for Open Enrollment success. TTEC’s end-to-end telesales solutions combine omnichannel contact center operations, highly skilled associates, best-in-class technology, and strategic guidance to boost compliant enrollments.


Omnichannel solutions for a seamless healthcare Open Enrollment

With more than a decade of experience providing omnichannel telesales support to the nation’s leading Medicare and IFP brands, TTEC can enhance your current telesales operation or staff associates to provide flexible Telesales as a Service.


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Web / chat experience

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IVR and call routing strategy

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Enrollment automation


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Self-service strategy and co-browse

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Microsites and messaging


Drive next-level telesales with
customer experience support

Our end-to-end telesales solutions combine best-in-class technology, optimized labor, AI and automation, and a CX roadmap to take telesales to the next level. We have the people, technology, and expertise to drive compliant conversions and optimize your enrollment period.


Embrace digital solutions to cut costs and improve CX

Interact with members where and how they prefer, with digital tools that can ensure members get the answers and information they need. And with omnichannel optimization across channels such as messaging and chat, you can bring added convenience to members while allowing associates to resolve inquiries more efficiently.



Optimize seasonal ramps and speed-to-proficiency

Yesterday's curriculum won't work with today's workforce. That's why we've developed RealPlay™ AI-enabled bots that can provide scalable practice for associates to refine their skills before working with enrollees. And our sentiment analytics and real-time coaching can help identify opportunities for improvement and automation.


Optimize your Open Enrollment by Revolutionizing Telesales


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