Healthcare Client Story

Igniting the Sales Pipeline with Advanced Analytics

Sales experts produced thousands of SQLs and more for a healthcare insurance firm.

1,300+ unique <br class="hidden-xs hidden-sm" />

new SQLs

10 industry-specific campaigns <br class="hidden-xs hidden-sm" />

originated from TTEC analyses



The Challenge

A major healthcare insurance provider lacked the bandwidth and data insights to grow its SMB and enterprise sales pipeline and needed a sales partner with the resources, knowledge, and expertise to fill that gap. When the COVID-19 crisis broke out, it also needed a partner that could produce results despite the added challenges of a tumultuous market and quarantine mandates.

The Solution

TTEC was brought onboard in 2019 to identify and score new prospects and proactively engage them to create sales qualified leads for the field sales team. We built a program that could identify net new businesses by zip code, number of employees, and other criteria. We then leveraged our marketing analytics tools to determine how best to engage with the right individual through the right channel.

When the pandemic broke out, the sales team rapidly shifted to an at-home work environment. From there, our sales team adjusted its sales strategy to stay ahead of the rapidly changing marketplace. We applied our expertise in predictive analytics, fit modelling, and marketing analytics tools to continue identifying and scoring leads that would be a fit for the client’s offering and geographic footprint.

We also worked closely with the internal sales team in constantly fine-tuning our retargeting strategies as changes developed in industries impacted by the coronavirus. This was key in allowing us to quickly pivot in targeting new industries and opportunities for the client.

The Results

The pilot was a success even as the COVID-19 crisis continued. The team of 5 sales experts identified more than 1,300 sales qualified leads and the client created 10 industry-specific marketing campaigns that originated from insights that our team provided. The client was incredibly pleased with the results and has expanded the partnership into a full-fledged program with twice as many sales experts. Additionally, the team has been entrusted with greater responsibilities, including engaging buyers deeper in the sales funnel across multiple touchpoints.


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