Government Training and Onboarding

Happy employees create happy citizens

Develop, engage, and empower your teams.


Imagine if you could

  • Build a culture that creates employee advocates and builds long-term citizen value
  • Increase employee productivity and
    speed to proficiency
  • Empower your employees to learn through enhanced knowledge and learning platforms
  • Improve employee mindset and resilience to drive high performance

Empower your employees to deliver amazing citizen experiences

People are every companies most valuable asset. Without citizens, you wouldn't have a government. Without your employees, you wouldn't be able to deliver critical services to those citizens. We help you engage and equip your employees with the right knowledge, skills and mindset to ensure every interaction they deliver transforms your citizens' day.

  • Knowledge Management
  • Digital Learning
  • Skills and Competency Assessment
  • Consulting Diagnostics
  • Custom Offerings

Knowledge Management

Say goodbye to knowledge silos​

It is difficult to ensure a consistent employee and citizen experience when you have static systems and disparate knowledgebases.

Our knowledge offerings provide you with best-in-class technology and managed services ensure your management of knowledge is efficient and effective. Our content migration, curation, and creation services ensure that all of your knowledge is engaging and relevant to your customers and teams.


Digital Learning

Technology is transforming the way we work and learn​

New ways of working means we need new ways to learn. Our digital learning offerings put the learner at the forefront, providing personalized and engaging learning journeys that gives them what they need to do their jobs effectively.​

Our proven and certified learning content is ready to be delivered anywhere, anytime, from bite-sized, gamified digital modules to interactive, facilitated sessions. We also tailor the learning so you can achieve your desired outcomes.


Skills & Competency Assessment

It's time to start measuring.

Every job requires a specific set of knowledge or skills. Measuring competency gaps and addressing them proactively allows you to focus on the areas you need most to impact your employee engagement and retention, and overall business performance.

Our self-rater, 180⁰ and 360⁰ assessments identify strengths and gaps in individuals and teams so learning needs can be prioritized and ROI-based strategies can be baselined and measured.​


Consulting Diagnostics

Pinpoint your learning and knowledge focus.​

Sometimes we know where we want to go but we don't always know the best way of getting there.

Our diagnostic workshops and qualitative research solutions identify critical areas for learning and knowledge improvement and key initiatives delivered through a robust implementation plan and future-state roadmap.​


Custom Offerings

Whatever your learning or knowledge need may be, we can help you get there. ​

Do you have a crazy idea for a learning or knowledge initiative? We have a team of experts who can help you see it come to life.​

Whether it be a revamped on-boarding program, custom program design or product launch we can completely customize to your individual business requirements and needs.​


Empower and equip your teams with leading-edge knowledge and learning solutions today.