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What is an Inbound Call Center?

An Inbound Call Center (or Inbound Contact Center) handle incoming calls from customers and businesses who need customer support or technical support concerning the products and services an organization provides. Inbound call centers and answering service agents answer the phone to connect with customers and provide support services focused on call resolution and improving customer satisfaction.

Both large and small businesses can benefit by using call center outsourcing solutions to help manage call volumes for both inbound and outbound calls.

Unlike other inbound call center companies, TTEC strives to ensure a frictionless customer experience in all inbound channels (i.e. phone calls, chat, messaging, email, social media, etc.). Our intelligent routing capabilities and advanced phone systems link customers to the right customer service agent to address the issue the first time, preserving the customer relationship at all costs.

For situations in which customers call an inbound call center service for support but could benefit from another product and/or additional products, TTEC can offer sales support agents who can easily up-sell or cross-sell and complete the sale.

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