Customer Experience Management (CEM)

What is Customer Experience Management (CEM)?

Customer Experience Management (CEM or CXM) is a strategy hyper-focused on designing brand experiences to meet or exceed customer expectations to ultimately improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.

If you don't have a Customer Experience Management strategy in place, it's difficult to ensure the entire experience a customer has with your brand is positive (or negative). You must focus on your customers' needs so you can adapt quicky when their needs change.

TTEC's contact center software solutions help organizations manage CX better by providing a single, all-encompassing view of its customers -- helping them truly know and understand each customer's unique journey. Armed with this knowledge, we believe our clients can build meaningful, lifelong customers relationships that bring about proactive brand advocates. 

Additional Customer Experience Management (CEM) Resources

  • CCW market study on CX trends and challenges, featuring TTEC: Why try to guess how customers feel about their interactions with brands, when you can just ask them directly? That’s what CCW Digital has done, and the insights are available in its new Market Study. The data is sobering – customers don’t feel many brands’ use of digital channels is up to par – but also provides a clear roadmap of what companies can do to improve. The study also offers guidance on timely topics like the rise of AI, supply chain challenges, and whether to take a stance on social issues.
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  • Six Ways Analytics Impact Business Outcomes: Creating great customer service requires a real time view of customer interactions across all channels. Similarly, evaluating customer feedback and customer behaviors can help improve major KPIs, such as quality score, average handle time, and contact resolution rates. As a result, better utilization of contact center analytics is an important aspect of a successful customer experience management strategy.