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What is Call Center CRM?

Call Center CRM (or Contact Center CRM) is a cloud-based contact center software that integrates with other call center technology and enables sales teams and customer support teams to see customer information and all customer interactions for each individual caller in one place.

Sales and service teams use customer relationship management (CRM) systems to simplify contact center operations, improve customer service in real time, and enhance customer satisfaction. CRM integrations use omnichannel routing to gather data from live chats, incoming calls, call recordings, and social media and condense it all into a single location. The result – faster resolution times and hyper-personalized customer interactions.

TTEC’s Call Center CRM solutions unify phone systems and contact center applications into a single interface, making it effortless for agents to deliver superior customer service and support. Drive down costs and increase agent productivity with our integrated and intuitive call center CRM software.

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