Apple Business Chat

What is Apple Business Chat?

Mobile messaging is one of the fastest growing customer support channels. Apple’s Business Chat allows businesses and their customers to connect more directly and easily via the Messages app (on iOS). Through Business Chat buttons configured and designed through iOS and macOS, companies can provide direct messaging support from multiple entry points, including Search, Maps, iOS apps, Siri, and even your company website.

Key features of Apple Business Chat include the ability to make purchases directly in Messages with Apple Pay, schedule appointments on your calendar, and ask companies for information and customer service support. In some cases, for simple questions or requests, the customer may receive an instant, automated response to answer their inquiry. In most cases, initiating a Business Chat will connect you quickly to a live customer service associate to provide addition support.

Through Apple Business Register, companies can create Business Chat Accounts (BCAs) to begin the process of getting up and running with Apple Business Chat using approved Customer Service Platform technology services.

Apple Business Chat functionality is just the first step. A mix of technology and human expertise are needed to make Business Chat a critical channel in a brand’s customer experience. Mobile-based messaging is very different than browser-based chat, with different technology and skills needed. And as more consumers begin to use Apple Business Chat and other messaging-based services, the need to scale quickly while maintaining CX quality will be critical.

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