Volume 5 | Issue 1 | 2013 Table of Contents

In this issue:


Tapping Into Customer-Driven Innovation

Companies that are truly customer-centric balance internally generated innovation with new ideas and advances from customers themselves. They actively solicit... more »


A Lesson from Google on Marketing Innovation

Google, known as an innovator since its inception, is no stranger to the idea of relevant communications based on consumer needs and preferences. Vice President of... more »

Mastering the Art of Scientific Marketing

If you knew with 100 percent certainty that an investment of $100 would give you an ROI of 200 percent, would you make it? If you could clearly identify the cause and... more »

Customer Experience Innovation: No Genius Required

It's the year 2000. MP3 players have been on the market for a couple of years now, and you're wondering why they aren't selling very well. After all, it&... more »

Learning Innovation: Moving Away from Normalcy

Pride is a dangerous emotion, especially since reluctance to accept shortcomings or changes stunts growth and retains the status quo. Pride leads many of us to get... more »

Case Studies

Microsoft Looks to the Cloud to Build Customer Relationships

If you have a computer, chances are you have some experience with Microsoft Office. The software set the standard for word processing, spreadsheet management, and... more »

la Caixa Shares Three Drivers of Customer Innovation

Innovation is not just a means to an end. Instead, innovation is an attitude that has to be ingrained within the core of a company. That is what leaders at Spanish... more »

C-Suite Strategies

Getting Behind the Wheel of Innovation

It is human nature to desire the latest products and technology. However, these days a product often becomes outdated within days of its purchase. This is especially... more »

Innovate Beyond Cool to Sustain Growth

The telecom industry is known for its leading innovations. Mobile devices, tablets, advanced Internet applications—all are enabled by operators. But one... more »

Patient-Centric Innovation Leads the Fight Against Cancer

Great healthcare doesn't happen by accident; it must be designed around the concept of providing the best care possible for patients. Rising costs and constricting... more »

Industry Insight

Creating a 5-Star Health Insurer

Innovation in the healthcare industry typically refers to new treatment strategies or breakthrough drugs. But for some health insurance companies, innovation can mean... more »

What’s Keeping Social Media for Banks From Reaching Their Innovation Potential?

On paper, financial institutions seem primed to excel with social customer interactions. They have large amounts of customer data at their disposal to engage and... more »

Social Media Energizes Traditional Banking Strategy

Created in 2005, Boubyan Bank is one of the fastest growing banks in Kuwait, with a wide range of products and services in consumer banking, corporate banking, and... more »

Here and “Wow”: How Superior Customer Experience Drives Retention

Consumers now live in perpetual flux. With technology's rapid evolution at the center of their strategy, telecom companies and their subscribers must continuously... more »

Strategy Speaks

Twenty Years Later, Customer Trust Is Even More Important

In the 20 years since the original publication of The One to One Future, technology has continued to accelerate, making it more imperative than ever to embrace the... more »

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