Volume 6 | Issue 4 | 2014

Leadership Inspires

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In this issue:


Three Leadership Skills to Strive For

During my MBA studies, we learned about the teachings of leadership guru Warren Bennis. He authored a number of books on the subject and imparted leadership wisdom on... more »


A Check-Up on Customer Centricity: 2012 vs. 2014

Many business leaders often have an inflated notion of the customer experience their companies are delivering. Indeed, numerous research studies have found that the... more »


Four Traits of Customer-Centric Leaders

A while back I worked with the head of a European bank who endeavored to shift his organization to be more commercial and customer-centric. His bank had been... more »

Five Ways to Build Effective B2B Sales Teams

The customer experience is often used in reference to customer service or marketing. Yet a superior customer experience can also greatly impact the sales world, as... more »

5 Customer Analytics Benefits for senior management to optimize enterprisewide

Customer analytics now holds an immovable seat at the decision-making table, as senior leaders leverage the resulting insight across many facets of their modern... more »

Case Studies

Vodafone Realigns Employee Mindset to Revolutionize Retail Service

Because consumers have grown accustomed to getting what they want when the desire strikes, many telecoms must now struggle to satisfy mounting expectations and improve... more »

C-Suite Strategies

What Makes a Great Customer-Centric Leader?

Plenty of people can manage. But only a few can truly lead. It takes a mix of personal vision, passion, and integrity, along with business acumen, emotional... more »

Industry Insight

MVNO: Is it worth going in?

A good leader isn’t afraid to take risks if he or she believes an endeavor is worth pursuing. For example, as consumer use of mobile devices grows rapidly, many... more »

A Tale of Two MVNOs

Young consumers react to Red Bull mobile  Energy drink Red Bull moved into mobile to stay connected to its core customers—young consumers interested in... more »

A Better Healthcare Workforce = Better Business

For many people, a health insurer’s contact center is their connection to a trusted advisor who can help them answer questions, make decisions, or point them in... more »

Next-Gen learning and development in action

Health insurer redesigns its learning program One health insurer opened new contact centers in anticipation of extra call volume when the health insurance exchanges... more »

Why Should B2C Companies Have All the Fun?

It’s been proven that the correct focus on customer centricity will produce a competitive edge. Consumer companies like Amazon, Zappos, Ritz-Carlton and others... more »

Proof Points

Tapping Into the Technology of Us

If automation was the mantra for technology to date, is humanization the calling for technology in the future? The Technology of Us explores this question from... more »

Strategy Speaks

Leadership in the e-Social World

It’s no secret that in the world of networked employees and flatter hierarchies, employee engagement is more important than ever.  And engagement requires... more »

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