Volume 3 | Issue 1 | 2011

A Healthy Dose of Customer Strategy

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In this issue:


A Prescription for Customer-Centric Healthcare

To say that the healthcare industry is complex is like migraine sufferers saying they have a slight headache. Depending on the situation, the healthcare "customer... more »


Closing the Chasm Between the Insurers and Insured

The spectacular successes of sites like Facebook, and even PatientsLikeMe, have the healthcare industry abuzz with plans to take the social media world by storm. But... more »

In Healthcare the "Customer" Has Many Faces

There are multiple customer communities of interest loosely and in some cases intimately intertwined in every industry. Each community has its own interests and each... more »

Building Trust in the Healthcare Industry

Any long-term relationship, professional or personal, is based on trust. This is true in healthcare just as much as it is in any other industry. Trust is often the... more »

Case Studies

Syngenta Cultivates Double-Digit Growth

Solutions. Value. Trust. Those are words that echo throughout Syngenta's operations. The agribusiness focuses its energy on building customer trust by offering... more »

UnitedHealthcare’s Innovation Impact

Most consumers rarely equate health insurers with innovation. The industry as a whole is generally lagging when it comes to delivering innovative customer experiences.... more »

C-Suite Strategies

Customer Centricity Takes Flight at Porter Airlines

When discussing customer strategy, Robert Deluce prefers to focus more on service and less on numbers. Deluce, president and CEO of Toronto-based Porter Airlines,... more »

Proof Points

Five Customer-Centric Challenges for Health Insurers

As healthcare in the United States changes, health insurers must change with it. Many realize this and have begun implementing new initiatives, both on their own and... more »

Healthcare’s Love-Hate Customer-Insurer Relationship

It's a simple question, with a telling answer: When seeking advice about your healthcare, who has your best interests at heart? Peppers & Rogers Group queried... more »

Get in Touch With Your Customers' Emotions

Recall the last purchase you made from your favorite company. What comes to mind first? Is it the product's price, the perception of the product's quality, or... more »

Designing a Winning Onboarding Program

Establishing a relationship between a bank and a new customer is like dating: The initial months are crucial to long-term success. Foul up something early on in the... more »

Strategy Speaks

Do You Trust the U.S. Healthcare System?

The healthcare industry in the United States faces a tremendous image problem with consumers, and the issue is particularly acute with insurers. From the customers'... more »

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