Finding the ROI of Customer Experience

Volume 6 | Issue 3 | Table of Contents

This issue of Customer Strategist is about “finding the ROI of customer experience.” Many customer experience professionals consider this topic extremely important, but answers highly elusive. The above examples represent much of the problem. How can you prove ROI on something your company doesn’t commit to?

In many cases, customer experience initiatives that are approved are small and siloed. Decisions are made based on how easily, quickly, or cheaply a program can be implemented, not whether it’s the right decision for customers or the business over the long term. Of course it will be difficult to prove overall business ROI in such a situation.

The articles featured in this issue break from that mold, and look at the entirety of customer experience projects from an enterprise-level view. A number of enlightened companies are transforming their business and operations to align with customers. New tools, processes, and operations can make a number of ROI connections related to financials, customer satisfaction, or operational efficiency. Leaders just need make the decision to try them.


In this issue:


ROI Is Out There. You Just Need to Look for It.

Recently I spoke with an executive at a company that collects customer and employee feedback on the topic of ROI. He cited a logistics company branch that identified... more »


Measuring the ROI of Customer Experience

Many business leaders believe there’s a correlation between providing customers with great experiences and positive changes in business performance. After all,... more »


Turn Customer Metrics Into Business ROI

Metrics are an important topic when it comes to customer experience (CX). They identify the value of good CX and provide a quantitative foundation for CX efforts to... more »

Omnichannel Contact Center Solutions: Optimize with Data Mapping

It’s a common experience in inefficient omnichannel call centers – you have to tell a customer service rep your information moments after you already... more »

Measuring the Omnichannel Customer Experience

Many companies struggle to connect the dots between customer experience measurements such as customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score with business performance... more »

CX Transformation: 4 Ways to Improve your CX Strategy

Over the past decade, and specifically in the past three years, companies have enthusiastically embraced the importance of customer experience (CX) as a strategy. Long... more »

Top Considerations for Mastering Digital Marketing ROI

Calculating the ROI of digital marketing activities has become the Holy Grail of marketing measurement. But like all other marketing campaigns, organizations must... more »

Case Studies

Chegg Taps Into the Minds of Young Consumers

The back-to-school season is in full swing and companies are racing to sell books and supplies to students. But changes in the market have placed additional pressures... more »

Generation Y Reshapes the Retail Landscape

Trying to understand Millennials or Generation Y (those born between 1980 and 2000) means deciphering a list of contradictions. Optimistic, risk-averse, coddled, and... more »

Consumerism Grows in Health Insurance

Proactive outreach, preventative activities for at-risk customers, and individual attention can make a big difference to a customer’s relationship with a company... more »

C-Suite Strategies

Measuring the Return of Employee Wellness Programs

If you work for a large U.S. company, chances are you’ve been invited to participate in an employee wellness program. Their popularity among employers is growing... more »

The Economics Behind Employee Happiness

Happiness. For many, it is hard to achieve and even more difficult to define. Psychologists, social scientists, and even economists have studied happiness for years.... more »

Industry Insight

Insurance Customer Playbook: Personalization Prevails

Our always on, digital world is transforming consumer expectations and the way they interact with businesses. This new reality means that delivering value to consumers... more »

Money Talks

Walk into any bank’s headquarters and you will likely hear senior management discussing “multichannel strategy” or “omnichannel strategy.&rdquo... more »

4 Key Omnichannel Enablers

REGIONAL READINESS: Failure to acknowledge your geographic environment’s overall readiness—bank capabilities, market dynamics, customer willingness, and... more »

Proof Points

Break Down the Contact Center Wall

Consumer banking is in the midst of a paradigm shift. Banks are looking to stand out from competitors with the types of customer experiences they deliver, not just the... more »

Strategy Speaks

What Is the Economic Value of a Better Customer Experience?

One of the first and most difficult problems any company confronts when it tries to improve its customer experience is reconciling the time and expense required to... more »

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