Travel and Hospitality Client Story

Expert support boosts hotel bookings by 20%

When a major hotel brand needed to grow its new discount program, TTEC’s sales experts jump-started inside sales to engage prospects

36% of dormant <br class="hidden-xs hidden-sm" />

accounts revived

20% increase <br class="hidden-xs hidden-sm" />

in bookings

The challenge

A major hotel brand was launching a new discount program at its United States properties for small- and mid-sized-business customers and needed to get the word out about it. Many of the company’s existing and prospective customers were unaware of the program, and some were enrolled in the program but failed to use it when booking hotel rooms for their employees.

With this new program, the client aimed to attract small- and mid-sized-business travelers to increase the number of room nights booked and drive revenue growth. But much of its target demographic was unaware that the program – which offered discounted room rates and allowed customers to check into hotels without having their credit cards in hand – was available to them.

Our solution

TTEC created two teams of outbound sales representatives for the brand – an acquisition team and an account management team – that focused solely on growing enrollment in, and use of, this new program.

The acquisition team made outbound calls to new leads. Leads came from several sources, including the brand’s website, its reservations centers, and the hotel properties themselves.

The account management team, meanwhile, focused on following up with customers who had enrolled in the program, ensuring they were aware of its benefits and explaining how to use it. The account management team also followed up with the hotel chain’s dormant accounts—business customers who hadn’t recently booked a hotel stay.

TTEC’s sales representatives proactively guided customers through the process of booking hotel stays, even assisting in negotiate long-term stay rates for their workers.

The results

Customers received a better experience. Their experience benefited from the client proactively reaching out to them to make them aware of the program and its benefits, and the program saved them money. At the same time, the brand benefited from bottom-line improvements.

More than one-third (36%) of the company’s dormant accounts were revived within the first quarter of TTEC’s involvement. Room stays booked through the loyalty program jumped by 20% during that same quarter.

As a result, the brand grew its partnership with TTEC, both in the United States and abroad.


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