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Expert lead qualifying and nurturing generates $6.5M in pipeline revenue

TTEC helped a software company clear a huge backlog of leads and focus on the ones that matter

$6.5M in pipeline

revenue generated

1,555 SALs <br class="hidden-xs hidden-sm" />


Earned Top Team

award from client

The challenge

A global computer software company had far more leads than its sales and BDR teams could work themselves. The in-house teams struggled to keep up with customers’ interest in their products. Compounding the problem, the lead quality was questionable.

The company sought an experienced partner to qualify leads and move them through the pipeline to a place where in-house sales representatives could more easily and efficiently close sales.

The solution

TTEC business development representatives (BDRs) worked their way through a list of about 30,000 leads from the company and qualified them. These leads focused on one line of business for the client.

We quickly found that many of the leads were bad, including some that had incorrect contact information for the prospects. Once those leads were removed, BDRs moved the remaining leads to a CRM system where they could be better tracked.

The TTEC BDRs also created and implemented an email outreach sequence to ensure that qualified leads were nurtured through the pipeline.

The results

Our team of BDRs quickly saw results that outpaced other teams within the client organization. Our work generated $6.5 million in pipeline revenue for the company and led to the scheduling of 1,555 sales accepted leads (SALs). Our team also earned the Top Team award from the client, beating out its internal teams.

Because of the success we’ve achieved, the client continues to increase the lines of business where lead qualifying is outsourced to TTEC. Our BDRs now handle the entire lead qualifying process for three of the client’s lines of business: they ensure a lead is interested and viable, nurture them through various outreach touchpoints, and then hand them off to the client’s in-house salespeople.


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