RPA Gets to Work at Du Telecom

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The best of robotics brings out the best in people, especially in customer service, where automation is an integral part freeing agent for meaningful work. Applying automation tools, like RPA and RDA that free up manual tasks, can help reduce friction and increase savings. But without the right partner and guidance, you may be only deploying technology for technology’s sake.

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in Pegasystems’ virtual event, Pega Discover: Customer Service Online. I discussed how TTEC and Pega worked together to share automation expertise and enable intelligent automation for our client Du Telecom. Here is our story.

Finding the right bot for the job

Customer service agents are skilled workers whose training and expertise are wasted when they spend too much time on menial tasks that consume time and resources. That’s why Du Telecom, a leading communications company in the United Arab Emirates, wanted to automate as much as possible to improve the customer experience. In addition, it saw automation’s potential to reduce fraud and significantly upscale the performance productivity of its workforce.

The growing company was emerging from a startup environment where rapid scaling was necessary. Unfortunately, its legacy systems needed to be adjusted to connect various systems. On top of that, the company needed to tackle a work culture that was wary of how automation would affect their day-to-day work life. We had to prove just how effectively automation could improve their jobs.

Introducing the RPA center of excellence

We began to deploy assisted and unassisted RPA automated processes for back-office and logistics functions. This led to the creation of a center of excellence to capture and share new knowledge about RPA with the organization. The collaboration led to the foundation of a comprehensive digital transformation that designed, developed, and implemented a network of Intelligent Virtual Assistants across more than 200 unique processes in 10 departments, including customer service, finance, HR, digital marketing, and logistics. Not only did this impact speed and efficiency in those departments, but it also eliminated the potential for human error for a positive effect on quality and compliance.

Externally, customers could now use automated processes to power self-service balance inquiries, smartphone activation/deactivation, or fraud reporting, to name a few of the 98 front-office processes that were automated. Internally, RPAs handled tasks such as payment confirmations, credit verification, and enterprise supply orders, among others.

Unlocking incredible RPA results

Having deployed automation across the business, du is now covering up to 90% of all business verticals with back-office and customer-facing automation. The center of excellence also identifies and implements automation outside of the contact center, across the business. The organization has automated around 40% of its overall business processes, in varying degrees, through RDA and RPA processes.

Over the course of our relationship, we have helped reduce average handle time from 5 to 10% and have automated more than 4.5 million transactions over 600 processes. This led to an incredible 500,000 man-hours freed for the business.

The power of collaboration

This has been an incredible journey that was accomplished because the right tools were put in place by the right partner.

If you’d like to learn more about our partnership and how automation can bring out the best of human capabilities, tune into our full conversation with Pega here.