Retailers: Here’s why remote work is a prime retention tool

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E-commerce spending is expected to continue going strong even as consumers return to brick-and-mortar stores, according to reports. Expectations for fast and convenient customer support from retail brands will also continue, making it essential that retailers attract and retain talented employees. A key retention driver for employees in retail and many other industries are flexible and supportive work environments.

The new digital retail landscape

The effects of pandemic-driven online shopping are still being felt with U.S. consumer spending on e-commerce expected to reach a record $1 trillion in 2022, according to a report from Adobe Analytics. Over the course of two years (March 2020 through February 2022), U.S. consumers spent $1.7 trillion online, $609 billion more than the two preceding years.

A recent report from eMarketer and Insider Intelligence also expects annual online spending to cross $1 trillion this year. “Prior to the pandemic, we did not forecast e-commerce reaching this milestone until 2024,” according to the report. Worldwide, e-commerce sales are expected to reach $5 trillion in 2022 and $6 trillion by 2024.

Consumers have grown accustomed to online shopping for many of their purchasing needs. Along with the ease of online shopping, consumers expect 24/7 customer service from online retailers. However, the retail industry has been greatly affected by the “Great Resignation.” So, how can retailers overcome these headwinds and deliver a great customer experience?

At-home is here to stay

While remote contact center work won’t solve all labor challenges, it will go a long way in mitigating staff shortages. There’s no need for retailers to lose the expertise of long-standing experienced employees just because those workers don’t want to return to in-person work. For instance, with the right training, a customer support specialist could shift to a remote or hybrid work option.

This is where TTEC’s Retain 2.0 solution can help. This highly secure, compliant, and scalable solution lets companies transition previously in-person employees to TTEC’s proven @Home model. This means retailers from e-commerce brands to department stores can retain top talent that may otherwise leave simply by migrating them to TTEC @Home. Even better, the customer and employee experience will not be disrupted: customers continue to get the great experiences they expect from knowledgeable employees who have experience serving them and employees get the flexible work environment they crave.

Get faster results with an experienced CX partner

For many companies, the move to work-from-home marks a big operational shift. That’s why partnering with experts is key. TTEC has the knowledge and people to make the transition seamless for employees.

With Retain 2.0, TTEC works with retailers every step of the way through – and beyond – the employee transition process. One of the biggest benefits of Retain 2.0 is that it produces fast results. Employees are efficiently transitioned in less than 12 weeks to TTEC @Home and set up for success starting on Day 1. Onboarding ambassadors ensure workers are fully supported and have everything they need to jump directly into the work they do so well – delivering seamless customer experiences.

It’s always crucial that retailers scale quickly when volume surges hit, such as during the holiday season. TTEC can help there, too. We are an industry leader in surge capacity, with associates ready to help companies during volume spikes. With thousands of work-from-home employees of our own, TTEC has the expertise and experience to make remote-work successful for retailers.

As consumer expectations increase, it’s crucial for retail brands to deliver the right experience that turns one-time shoppers into loyal customers. Employee retention is a key part of that strategy, starting with the training and flexible work environment that employees demand—and deserve.

To learn more about how to engage and retail CX excellence, check out our strategy guide, “The great retention: How to stop the retail employee exodus.