Digital-first a top CX trend for healthcare

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As January ushers in the Year of the Rabbit, astrology enthusiasts are abuzz with positivity, using words like “prosperity” and “partnerships” to describe what the new year promises to serve up.
For healthcare organizations feeling equally hopeful, there are compelling trends gaining momentum in the realm of experience — both patient and employee — that reveal opportunities to enhance the journey and bring a level of personalization people not only welcome but have come to expect.
None of this would be possible without digital transformation investments, one of the top themes highlighted in TTEC’s new CX Trends for 2023 report. Some 70% of organizations either have a digital transformation strategy in place today or are working on one. In healthcare, 92% of organizations say a better patient experience is the top desired goal of digital transformation efforts, according to Deloitte.

Dive into digital

Healthcare organizations are marching toward a digital-first future because they recognize how technologies remove friction from patient interactions for a better experience in the service channel that’s most comfortable for the patient. At the same time, technologies like cloud drive better clinical outcomes by making healthcare accessible to more people, regardless of geography or socioeconomic status.
Achieving healthcare parity is only possible through digital channels, experts agree. With digital engagement tools that assist patients with appointment setting, reminders to follow through on proactive care, and even remote patient monitoring, great strides can be made to overcome the obstacles that deprive some populations from receiving the care they deserve. Social determinants of health (SDoH) account for up to 55% of health outcomes, according to The World Health Organization.

Up close and personal—patients are receptive

TTEC’s CX Trends for 2023 report highlights another opportunity particularly relevant to healthcare: personalization. Retail has prioritized it—think Amazon, Netflix, Starbucks—and financial services is moving forward with it more boldly than ever. So why not healthcare?
Healthcare patients say they welcome a personalized experience if it’s based on data they have explicitly provided and so long as there are guardrails protecting their private information. Some 87% of consumers say they won’t do business with a company if they are worried about its security policies.
Up to 15% revenue growth can be driven by personalization at scale in various sectors and healthcare stands to benefit, too. It’s here where collaboration is vital. CX experts like TTEC can prove to be invaluable partners in adopting personalization, thanks to digital contact center analytics and insights that inform personalization best practices in the healthcare arena.
CX and EX experts can guide healthcare organizations how best to invest in training and digital technologies that empower contact center associates to deliver a superior experience by leveraging tools that make patient interactions flow easier, more accurately, compliant, and frictionless.
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