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Deliver better experiences–for employees and customers alike–through outsourcing

Back-office services play an increasingly valuable role in an organization’s ability to deliver great customer experiences. These days, when customers expect fast, seamless, and omnichannel interactions, a well-oiled back-office machine helps ensure that all customer-facing interactions run smoothly.

Back-office services encompass a broad range of non-customer facing transactions: brand protection, site management, billing, email, messaging, order management, logistics support, RMA, shipping and more. These functions are crucial to business’ success, but when all of these jobs fall on one department it can be stressful. Too often, the result is a disorganized back office, which can lead to low motivation, unnecessary rework, loss of productivity, and financial loss.

Outsourcing back-office services can break this cycle. The right partner can shift a lot of burden off the brands, freeing them up to focus on what they do the best. Along the way, an efficient back office empowers agents to be more productive and offer amazing, consistently positive customer experiences, and can help clear backlogs, too.

Get the most out of outsourcing

Brands that keep their back-office services in-house are vulnerable to several pitfalls. For example, in businesses that face seasonal demand fluctuation, it is very difficult to ramp up or down resources. Keeping functions in-house greatly limits agility in staffing and flexibility in meeting demand as it ebbs and flows.

When services are in-house, management bandwidth ends up being used for managing back-office operations, whereas that time could be better spent on strategic initiatives and goals that can fuel business growth. Companies that keep things in-house also miss out on valuable external resources that have cutting-edge expertise in the industry best practices, not to mention the cost savings eluding them.

Outsourcing eliminates these frustrating barriers while adding significant value – and cutting costs along the way. It’s a proven way to reduce expenses associated with back-office functions.

Working with a trusted, knowledgeable partner brings organizations access to the domain experts, subject matter experts, and industry best practices that will put them ahead of their competition. Armed with these insights and information, brands can transform their processes to achieve a higher level of output, all while benefitting from 24/7 operations coverage.

Working with an outsourcing partner can even improve quality control functions, because it lets customers have access to a neutral, third-party service provider that can offer a non-biased view of a brand’s performance and quality metrics.

Aside from cost and efficiency savings, which are considerable, back-office outsourcing results in better customer and employee experiences – two things that, at the end of the day, are at the heart of a brand’s success. This, in turn, generates better CX because customers’ inquiries are handled more quickly and efficiently.

How to get started

Think you’re ready to maximize your back office? Choosing the right partner is the key. Automation, artificial intelligence, RPA and other tools have the potential to revolutionize how back offices work – but only when used and maximized intelligently. Automation that’s implemented too hastily, or without the proper know-how, will only lead to frustrating experiences for employees and customers alike.

TTEC has decades of experience managing back-office. We have a strong framework for hiring, training and transitioning, and a proven track record when it comes to implementing projects that make sense from financial, efficiency, EX and CX standpoints.

We work with companies to craft a coordinated strategy across all areas of their business: human capital, learning and development, operations, workforce management, quality, finance, project management, and more. We look at back-office services from every angle, so you don’t have to.

At TTEC, we know delivering great experiences is a constant work in progress. We continually deliver proactive solutions and improvements. We’re always looking to see how automation, process improvement, and other tools can continue to transform brands and help them get to the next level.