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4 ways a cloud-based contact center can help your gaming brand

4 ways a cloud-based contact center can help your gaming brand

To deliver fast and frictionless customer support, you need the right combination of people and technology at the ready to resolve gamers’ issues and get them back to gaming. Increasingly, delivering that type of seamless customer experience (CX) means shifting from brick-and-mortar contact centers to virtual ones.

virtual or cloud-based contact center offers many benefits over traditional on-site centers, and is a flexible, cost-effective way to meet gaming customers’ top intents, including:

  • account management
  • payment and billing issues
  • technical support
  • general inquiries

Here are just a few of the advantages moving to the cloud can bring your gaming brand.

1. Significant cost savings with a virtual contact center

Among the cloud’s biggest benefits are the costs savings it can bring. A cloud-based contact center has  significantly lower overhead and maintenance costs than on-premise systems. And unlike on-premise contact centers, which are considered (quickly depreciating) capital expenses, cloud-based centers typically are considered operational expenses.

Another cost benefit of virtual or cloud-based centers is they use subscription models where users pay only for the services they use. While a subscription payment model may take some getting used to, it has a clear financial upside over the long term.

Moving to the cloud can also give you access to new applications and tools. Often, some solutions that were previously cost prohibitive are included in a cloud center.

They money you’ll save in all these ways can be reinvested into other core parts of your business.

2. Scalability and flexibility in the cloud

In an ever-evolving industry like gaming, you need the ability to ramp your contact center operations up and down as needed – quickly and easily. Unlike on-premise centers that can get bogged down by long deployment times, cloud centers have much shorter ramp times and enable faster scaling.

There’s greater flexibility when your contact center is in the cloud, unencumbered by the physical restraints of a brick-and-mortar center. It’s much easier and quicker to add solutions and tools digitally to the cloud than it is to expand or change the infrastructure of a on-premise center.

Brands with virtual contact centers also have more flexibility when it comes to workforce hiring. When you can train, on-board, and deploy associates from any location, you benefit form a much wider recruitment pool that spans countries and time zones. 

3. More resources for your contact center and business

It’s a rare opportunity when you can tap into additional resources and save money at the same time, but that’s another benefit of a virtual contact center.

As previously mentioned, you can access formerly out-of-reach tools when they’re included as part of a cloud package. But there’s an added bonus to shifting your contact center to the cloud: when a third-party provider manages your contact center applications and infrastructure, one of your most important resources – your brand’s IT team – is freed up to focus on more strategic projects.

Great cloud solutions not only enable you to provide omnichannel CX, they also include real-time knowledge management that helps associates give more relevant and consistent answers. And they can automate front- and back-office processes to streamline operations and include valuable analytics tools.

4. Access to expertise that improves CX

The advantages of a virtual contact center are clear, but it might seem daunting to make the move from an on-premise center to the cloud.

CX outsourcing partner with gaming expertise can help you craft the right strategy to meet your brand’s unique needs. A strong partner will bring the tools, technology, and people necessary to take your player experience to the next level. And when your player experience efforts are in expert hands, you’ll have more time to focus on your brand’s core mission.