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Virtual Is the New Reality

The world moves on in a new CX reality

How to tackle the unusual aspects of “business as usual” in the wake of the pandemic.

One-way supermarket aisles. Curbside pickup at McDonald’s. My basement as my office. Zoom weddings and baby showers. None of these things were even remotely in my mind before last March. Now they have become regular parts of everyday life.
On the business side, many organizations are settling into near total work-from-home environments, cloud contact centers, higher wage strategy, and digital-first operations that were not part of their strategic planning barely a year ago.
The summer 2021 issue of the Customer Strategist Journal tackles the unusual aspects of business as usual in the wake of the pandemic. Customer and employee experiences are being redefined with new technologies and ways of working, so we wanted to explore what that means across industries.
Highlights of this issue include:

It’s exciting to see how brands are redefining value, tackling labor challenges, reinventing sales, and changing the way they approach leadership in a workplace that’s more remote and digital. In the future, we’ll wonder why we didn’t always conduct business this way.
Liz Glagowski