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Getting to Happily Ever After

Perspective Is Everything

The New York Times recently sent me a customized Google Cardboard as a promotion for its new virtual reality (VR) reporting series. I downloaded the NYTVR app and tried it out by watching a piece on triathlon training.

I was amazed by the freedom I had to physically move around while watching the video. 

I could easily switch perspective and take in more of the sights and sounds around the subject. I had control of how to experience the story. I also got a little dizzy in the process of moving side to side, up, and down while watching the 3D video.

Virtual reality is one new technology that’s predicted on the customer service horizon. Along with mobile apps, live video, and the Internet of Things, many companies are exploring technologies to improve their relationships with customers. But like VR, the perspective is what’s important in the service interaction. No matter how you get there, customers want their problems solved. They always have. Companies must shift their perspective to think about customers first. No amount of technology will solve a problem if you don’t start with perspective. Otherwise, you may leave customers dizzy and frustrated.

The articles in this issue of Customer Strategist examine where customer service has been, and where we’re headed. From culture and mindset to mobile apps and even virtual reality, there are many areas of service that are ripe for improvement. Whether you’re a start-up like Atom Bank or a steadfast brand like Bridgestone, there’s always opportunity to advance how you connect with customers. We also highlight lessons to be learned from customer service failures, and share results of our Moments of Wow research about what makes interactions so special to customers and associates. 

The customer service story continues to be written. Regardless of channel, customers will always have issues to solve, and brands must try to solve them in the best ways possible.