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CX Blossoms in the Age of AI

Customer experience is more than meets the AI

AI is having a moment.
The technology’s move out of the IT lab to the devices of non-techies has opened up a world of promise and possibility. It has the potential to be the dominant technology for the next decade or longer across industries.
The latest issue of the Customer Strategist Journal explores what the rise of the machines means in the customer experience context. The cover image, “CX blossoms in the age of AI,” was generated by AI tool Midjourney, prompted by our talented designer Joey Haas. She replaced the typical robotic AI imagery with a more abstract and hauntingly beautiful concept, which we hope illustrates to our readers the promise and possibilities that grow from what could be a scary and uncertain technology.
We noticed something interesting in the exercise — a single text prompt generated multiple variations of an image, even when using the same AI image generator. When we tried it with different AI generators, we got a wider variety of visual alternatives.
The header image at the top of the article shows the results returned by the text prompt, “small bright flower with industrial pipes and wires underground instead of roots, hyper-realistic, moody, high resolution.” We used three AI generators: Midjourney, Microsoft Designer (powered by DALL-E), and Fotor. It’s very interesting to see the different directions each tool took, and how different the resulting images are.
It shows that with generative AI, the “truth” is always evolving. The right prompts, context, data input, and human involvement are all needed to work holistically to turn something mediocre into art that evokes emotion. And the technology learns more as it goes, working toward a more perfect outcome. It’s never finished. Kind of like customer experience strategy.

The articles in this issue of the Customer Strategist Journal delve into some of what is needed to make AI work in a customer experience context – from preventing data poisoning to setting a strong CX foundation. Business leaders share their thoughts and actions around AI, and we look at how industries like healthcare are using it to enable welcoming and inclusive spaces.
AI is a technology that is constantly changing and giving users different perspectives from which to build great experiences.
We invite you try to create your own image using the prompt above and share it on our social media page. I’m really curious to see how the concept—AI’s use in CX—evolves. Follow along with me at www.TTEC.AI
Liz Glagowski