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Examining Customer-Centric DNA

Best Practices of Far East Customer Centricity

Many countries throughout Asia operate primarily service economies, which are natural fits for customer centricity. Industries such as hospitality, airlines, banking, telecom, and retail are leading the pack when it comes to customer-focused efforts. Below are some companies in the region that stand out as customer-centric leaders.

OCBC Bank (Singapore)—Founded in 1912, its commitment to customers has kept OCBC ahead of the competition for 100 years. This year it was named the "World's Strongest Bank" by Bloomberg Markets magazine, owing its success to a foundation of "product innovation, quality and differentiated customer experience, as well as our disciplined credit management practices and robust risk management capabilities."

Samsung Electronics (South Korea)—It's hard to stand out in the highly competitive technology space, but South Korea's Samsung has become a force to be reckoned with. The company creates products and services that meet and exceed customer expectations, based on user-centered designs and functionality.

Frasers Hospitality (Singapore)—Extended-stay real estate company Frasers provides luxury business apartments in Asia's business hotbeds of Singapore, Bangkok, Beijing, Manila, Hanoi, Nanjing, New Delhi, and more. Its reach has extended to key cities throughout Australia, the Middle East, and Europe as well. Keeping discerning business travelers happy is no easy task, but Frasers' ultimate goal is "to be the premier global leader in the extended stay market through our commitment to continuous innovation in answering the unique needs of every customer."

Qatar Airlines (Qatar)—In 2012, for the second year in a row, Qatar Airlines won the prestigious "Airline of the Year" award from Skytrax. The company launched only 15 years ago in the Middle East, and has since grown to serve customers in Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, North America, and South America.