Technology Partnership

Accelerate digital transformation and optimize front- and back-office processes with our intelligent automation and customer engagement suite


Technology Partnership

Accelerate digital transformation
and optimize front- and back-office
processes with our
intelligent automation and
customer engagement suite


TTEC + Pega simplifies complexities so contact centers can deliver world-class customer experiences

Deliver hyper-personalization through this strategic partnership that can bring hyper-automation to the contact center. More consumers than ever are wanting to engage with brands on their terms and expecting brands to know them. As a result, it is critical to bring a blend of AI, robotics, journey/workflow management, and innovation to both meet their needs and gain incredible efficiencies in the contact center. Together, TTEC and Pega are uniquely positioned to remove the technical and operational obstacles that stand in the way of a great experience for a brand’s customers and employees. TTEC will build on Pega’s digital transformation solutions to deliver superior services and strategic outcomes for the world’s largest enterprises.


TTEC + Pega brings out the best for CX

Customer Enablement

Reduce average handle time by 20-30%


Lift conversion rates by 15%


Reduce average customer churn rate by 25%


Skyrocket ROI by 5x, with a payback period of just six months


About the partnership

The customer service and contact center world is ripe for disruption. The strategic partnership between TTEC and Pega will empower clients with industry-leading digital transformation solutions to optimize customer experiences within their contact centers.

TTEC is deeply committed to transforming the customer experience and customer service world. Partnering with Pega means our clients now have access to world-class intelligent automation and a masterful customer engagement suite to inspire optimized, digitally driven employee and customer experiences. Blending TTEC’s decades of customer service and contact center expertise with Pega’s AI driven platform empowers our clients to completely revolutionize their customer and employee experiences by improving customer service, sales process automation, and back office operations.


advancing customer service and intelligent automation monitor grapic

Advancing customer service and intelligent automation

As a progressive organization, TTEC seeks out best-of-breed, likeminded partners to further our aspirations. Pega’s vision to deliver real-time AI and end-to-end automation combined with TTEC’s augmented and autonomous CX solutions make this a truly powerful alliance.

As a Gold Pega Partner, TTEC offers a community of engineers and deep experience in automation solution development to truly maximize front- and back-office interactions across the customer journey. Together, we will advance customer service and intelligent automation, continue to enable exceptional customer service across the planet, and focus on creating 1-to-1 customer interactions that deliver strategic outcomes for the world’s largest enterprises.


TTEC + Pega Customer Engagement Suite Centers of Excellence

To help brands simplify contact center operations and maximize associate productivity at scale, we have Centers of Excellence with managed services for Contact Center Optimization, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA), Case Management, Digital Channel Activation, Contact Center Software & Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), and Customer Experience as a Service (CXaaS)

  • Contact Center Optimization
  • RPA & RDA
  • Case Management
  • Digital Channel Activation
  • Contact Center Software & CTI
  • Customer Experience as a Service

Contact Center Optimization

Building efficiencies into your contact center provides a better way to deliver on the promise of hyper-personalized customer experiences. TTEC's customer engagement solutions, intelligent automation resources, and comprehensive contact center expertise help you optimize your CX, gain new efficiencies across the board, and realize 20-30% cost savings.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
& Desktop Automation (RDA)

Many of today’s contact centers associates waste valuable time flipping between multiple applications and performing repetitive tasks that result in errors, inefficiencies, and a poor customer experience. An intelligent combination of RPA and RDA slashes minutes-long tasks workflows down to seconds and seamlessly auto-populates information across multiple applications, freeing associates to do what they do best – serving your customers.

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Case Management

Solve the case management Rubik’s cube by bringing automation, timelines, context, and relevant attachments to the forefront of your business processes. TTEC’s Case Management services make it easier for you to model, track, manage, and optimize your business cases, seeing how and when they are resolved to streamline workloads, processes, and maximize efficiencies.

Digital Channel Activation

The days of reactive customer service are gone. Customers want the flexibility to be on any channel, at any time, as they interact with a brand. Relying heavily on voice channels disconnects brands from many of the digital channels customers prefer. Achieve omnichannel orchestration and meet your customers precisely where they are, in whatever channel is most convenient for them at the time.

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Contact Center Software & Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Integration

Essential for enhancing CX is to ensure your workflows and automation processes integrate seamlessly with your existing customer systems. We have deep expertise in both on-premise and cloud-based contact center software and complex telephony integrations, enabling you to unlock the full potential of automation and robotics together with the most popular contact center software.

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Customer Experience as a Service (CXaaS)

When associates are required to use cumbersome and siloed applications to interact with customers, it's difficult to deliver outstanding CX. Beyond technology alone, CXaaS encompasses a powerfully complex ecosystem of all the components and capabilities necessary to help your associates and help your customers, on whatever channel they want. Even better, we can deliver it holistically.