Customer Loyalty

Turn casual customers into raving fans

Build loyalty through amazing experiences that delight your customers, increase your share of wallet, and separate you from the crowd.


Customer experience is the top incentive for brand loyalty

Technology has provided customers with more information and more choices than ever. As a result, businesses must work harder – during and between interactions — to keep customers engaged and create happy, loyal brand advocates.

Blend humanity and
technology to inspire loyalty

The cost of switching brands is low for consumers today and as a result, customer experience is becoming a key differentiator. However, customer experience is often considered a trade-off. Do you want to make customers happy, or do you want to keep costs down? Our Loyalty solutions help brands achieve both. Advanced analytics tools enable personalized experiences, while best in class omnichannel technology enables brands to offer customers additional benefits and points through every channel.


Loyalty doesn't come from points or perks

Loyal customers become ambassadors for your brand, but loyalty doesn’t come from points or perks, it comes when a customer feels they have a personal relationship with a brand. To help foster long-lasting relationships, we’re helping brands create memorable experiences in the moments that matters to build customer loyalty with every interaction.

A 5% boost in customer retention could generate up to a 95% increase in profitability.


Loyalty Solutions

Premium Customer Experience

Deliver on your brand promise every time.

Customer Lifetime Value

Use advanced analytics to expand share of wallet.

Proactive Loyalty Expansion

Offer customers additional benefits and points through every channel.

Service to Sales

Turn your customer service center into strategic revenue driver with proprietary training and technology.

Advanced Loyalty Strategy Blending

Create operational efficiencies and leverage advanced analytics to take your loyalty programs to the next level.

Sky’s the Limit
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Sky’s the Limit

Leading airline loyalty program embarks on CX transformation while reducing costs by 50%.

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Through the Eyes of the Customer
Through the Eyes of the Customer

Hear how Affinity Federal Credit Union Chief Brand Officer answers to the real boss: the firm’s members.

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From Loyalty to Engagement
Customer Strategist Journal
From Loyalty to Engagement

See how telecom operator, Proximus, marries the old with the new to optimize its loyalty program.

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How Mature is your CX Strategy?
Customer Strategist Journal
How Mature is your CX Strategy?

Track the maturity of digital customer experiences across six key areas.

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