Small-and-Medium-Sized Businesses

Grow your footprint with small-and medium-sized businesses

Creates sales programs that crack the Business-to-Business code and unlock the mysteries of SMB sales and marketing.


The next big thing will come from a small- or medium-sized business.


Many large companies are on the lookout for innovative ways to better reach and serve their small and medium business (SMB) clients. After all, SMBs share the same aspirations of larger companies – acquire customers, keep them happy, increase ROI – but they don’t have the same budget. Through a combination of data analytics, digital marketing, and consulting services, we help large companies acquire and arm their SMB clients with the tools they need to engage their customers and achieve bottom line growth. In turn, our larger clients gain a new and consistent stream of revenue from their SMB customers.

Our solutions help clients reach SMBs:

  • Our predictive modeling helps companies understand the SMB market and prioritize opportunities
  • Our Digital Demand Generation and Lead Nurturing programs, help connect our clients with the right SMB customers
  • Our integrated sales and marketing platform helps clients run personalized and profitable online marketing campaigns targeted at SMB

Our SMB Integrated Sales and Marketing Solutions help clients:

  • Augment their sales force to boost customer base, retain existing customers and increase revenue
  • Assemble an inside sales and service team targeted at SMB companies
  • Design a new customer on-boarding program
  • Focus on up-selling and cross-selling to existing customers with more relevant, personalized offers and customizable, multi-touch email campaigns

Our SMB Market Penetration Strategies help clients:

  • Build a segment-based acquisition program for small- and medium-sized businesses that includes personalized education and onboarding support
  • Decide which products are most relevant to attract more customers
  • Overcome lack of resources and infrastructure to reach an underserved SMB market effectively and efficiently with human capital and technology solutions
  • Support field sales teams in executing outreach programs targeting large-account prospects, current customers and specific customer segments

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