The competitive landscape for payers will never be the same. Healthcare providers are entering the insurance business, insurers are developing provider practices and in the meantime the Affordable Care Act has brought millions of new members into the mix. This convergence of disruptive forces is driving a consumer-centric model that is unfamiliar and challenging. Systems and processes designed for large group support need to be transformed to new models focused on understanding and meeting individual member’s needs.

We help payers identify, develop, and grow lasting relationships with a member-centric approach:

  • Acquisition: We employ the latest in Search Engine Optimization and digital marketing to help clients acquire new members by becoming visible in an increasingly noisy digital world. The benefits include: higher marketing ROI, compressed lead to close time and deeper customer engagement.
  • Member Management: Our analytics and consulting expertise increases individual member value through predictive modeling, life cycle mapping, and personalized touch points based on member segmentation.

Payers Solutions

| Member Acquisition

Improve Search Engine Optimization by 20% to acquire new members in the digital environment

| Member Services

Member enrollment services with licensed benefit associates

| Member Management

Customer journey maps and investment strategies to drive higher LTV of your member segments


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