Flexible employee experiences
for today’s workforce


Improve retention, productivity
and culture with FlexEX

Prior to the pandemic, workers in the financial services and insurance industry, would be expected to work long hours in an office environment, with most of the workforce never working from home. Since then, leaders in the industry have started to embrace new flexible working policies and have seen this pay off through increased retention, productivity and improved culture. Our FlexEX approach is an agile workplace strategy that meets the needs and preferences of today’s workforce.


Tap into a more
diverse workforce

Groups that have traditionally fallen out of the contact center workforce, due to its rigid schedules, now have the opportunity to re-enter through our FlexEX approach. FlexEX allows companies to tap into a more global, skilled, diverse workforce.

94% say they want flexibility in when they work.


Improve retention
and reduce cost

The skilled labor shortage and wage war means retention is at an all-time low. Organizations that adapt to flexible working arrangements improve retention by as much as 50%. FlexEX reduces your overall cost to serve by increasing retention rates and lowering overheads associated with brick-and-mortar locations.

Flexible working decreases turnover by as much as 50% with employees feeling more loyal and refreshed.

Stanford University

The future is all models

When managing large teams, what works for one person doesn’t always work for the next, that’s why FlexEX is built around an agile approach that adapts to the individual needs and desires of the workforce. FlexEX enables employees to choose the model that works for them, improving the outcome for the individual and the business.

80% of employees say they want flexibility in where they work


Smart seasonal

Insurance demand predominantly peaks in December-March, so we have developed a smart seasonal approach to ensure flexible and agile staffing solutions during these periods. Smart seasonal is a unique model structured in partnership with our clients allowing specific industry's seasonal headcount peaks and valleys to dovetail sharing associates, seats and management across the year, creating a win-win for all clients.

Smart seasonal drives $4.5 million in projected cost savings

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