What is a Touchpoint?

Every time a customer interacts with a business, it's considered a touchpoint.

Journey mapping is a key starting point to developing your customer engagement strategy and improving overall customer satisfaction because it clearly outlines all customer touchpoints. Armed with this information, brands can better position themselves to improve customer experiences (CX) across the board.

At TTEC, we have tools, services, and solutions to help our clients create customer journey maps, and execute on findings to improve CX at every touchpoint and channel opportunity. Our customer journey consulting experts will also help you visualize CX to better understand your customers and deliver personalized support and marketing across all touchpoints.

Additional Touchpoint Resources

  • Five Ways to use Customer Journey Maps as a Strategic CX Tool: There are a number of things a business can do to become truly customer centric. One best practiceis to design and implement a strong customer journey strategy provides a view across all customer touchpoints, giving insights into customer emotions, behaviors and key moments of truth.
  • Customer Experience Journey Mapping : Gain a dynamic view of moments of truth across all touchpoints and enhance your company's digital strategy by visualizing customer interactions all in one place, with a dynamic view of all touchpoints.
  • Journey Orchestration: Orchestrate seamless, interactive customer journeys across existing systems, touchpoints and data.
  • Customer Journey Maps as a Customer Experience Tool: Discover five key steps to help you understand the current state of customer experience and create an ideal future state.
  • Don’t Stop at Journey Maps when Optimizing Customer Touchpoints: Customer journey mapping is a way for companies to understand how customers interact with the brand during purchase and service interactions. Many companies plot out all customer touchpoints and paths as an efficient way to understand the experience most customers have. In this article learn best practices to go beyond just customer journey mapping.
  • Customer Journey Maps: Which Framework is Right for You?: If you are thinking about creating a customer journey map at all, you have probably come to the realization that fielding disconnected customer tactics focused predominantly on acquisition are not going to work especially well in the long term.
  • The 3 Customer Journey Layers that create the most impactful CX Maps: Customer journey maps come in a variety of flavors, depending on the business problems you are solving for. Some high-level examples simply seek to define customer lifecycle and outline campaigns to drive people to complete specific activities.
  • The Buying Journey DNA : In the age of the customer, consumers have more information and choices than ever before. What they don’t have is more time.