Predictive Customer Journey Orchestration

Deliver hyperpersonalized communications with built-in scalability, allowing customer service associates to quadruple the number of interactions they can handle.


Make smarter customer decisions

Deliver deeply personalized, one-of-a-kind customer experiences through our cloud-based Customer Engagement Hub (CEB), Humanify® Journey Orchestration. Capture intelligent, contextual interactions across all customer-facing channels with real-time and historic customer data, predictive models, decision trees, matrix rules, and machine learning. And then, use the findings to perfect customer experience from every angle.


Create amazing customer journys to differentiate
your brand and build strong customer loyalty


Gain a deeper understanding of your customer journey

Increase customer loyalty and drive greater retention


Enhance customer experience through next best action

Identify areas for business improvements by analyzing customer behavior


Craft hyper-personalized customer experiences

Predictive insights in real-time

Real-time insights and data management determine the customer journey across all digital points, while AI and machine learning ensures the journey orchestration platform is constantly optimizing performance. Pre-built adapters make it easy to integrate our customer journey orchestration software into existing systems, bypassing traditional roadblocks like legacy technology investments and disjointed individual customer data.


Achieve customer journey orchestration success

And exceed customer expectations

Our customer data platform provides a true journey orchestration environment that understands complex states and can process events, non-events, words and phrases, in real-time. These can be processes across any source, or combination of data sources including streaming, static, structured or unstructured. Additional real-time context including location, proximity and even weather can be gathered and incorporated into each customer’s individual journey. As a result, our journey orchestration platform is much more than just a next-best-action, event-triggered system or real-time recommendation engine. Our platform is a full personalization engine creating exceptional individualized experiences that exceed customer expectations.


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