Omnichannel Customer Service

What is Omnichannel Customer Service?

Omnichannel Customer Service (or Omni Channel Customer Service) is the seamless delivery of consistent service across multiple channels in real time. Omnichannel customer service integrates all channels into one unified system to provide multichannel support to customers, so they can move from channel to channel with context and ease.

When contact centers have the right customer service software in place, brands can provide the support channels and service channels customers prefer to interact in most – like live chat or phone calls via mobile devices – while offering customers the ability to seamlessly escalate complex issues to a customer support agent if/when needed.

TTEC’s Omnichannel Customer Service solutions make it possible for customer support teams to meet customers in their channel of choice and provide consistent service and orchestrate effortless customer interactions. Our omnichannel approach automates the customer journey to reduce friction and create value through the simplest path to resolution, improving customer satisfaction over time.

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