What is Omnichannel?

Omnichannel is a cross-channel customer engagement strategy that businesses utilize to improve the customer experience.

Often used in context of retail, omnichannel has become an objective for contact centers and customer service departments to enable customers to engage with a brand on their channel of choice when, where, and how they choose.  

True omnichannel implementation requires contact center software, skilled agents, and customer analytics to connect and orchestrate the customer journey.

It's necessary for today's brands to understand their customer channel preferences and the type of interaction across video, voice, SMS (text), email, social, or a combination of those. Only the contact centers that do this well can edge past competitors.

At TTEC, omnichannel isn't just about making channels available to customers, its about shifting, combining and crossing over touchpoints and interactions in a seamless fashion. It's also about having the ability to transfer context across channels to deliver one continuous customer conversation.  

Our omnichannel solutions blend omnichannel with customer journey orchestration to help ensure contact centers can deliver a true customer-centric omnichannel experience -- everywhere and every time.

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