Cloud Contact Center

What is a Cloud Contact Center?

A Cloud Contact Center is the organization's hub where all inbound and outbound customer touchpoints -- phone calls, emails, social media, and Internet -- is bundled and addressed with the help of a plethora of Internet-based tools, applications, and software.

Cloud Contact Centers decrease TCO, improve agent efficiency and efficacy, and make it possible for associates to deliver more meaningful customer experiences. They are also more flexible and easier to compared to their on-premise counterparts.

"Cloud" is a distinct feature of TTEC's DNA. Our Humanify(R) technology platforms help us  us serve an aaray of  business needs.

Great known facts: We were named Verint's 2018 North America Cloud Partner, and we became Cisco's first North American technology partner to receive the Cisco Cloud Provider Certification. 

Additional Cloud Contact Center Resources
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